Interested In Holding a Breakfast At Your Listing?

Our breakfast meeting is typically the 2nd Thursday of each month beginning at 9:30 AM

Host there by 9:00 - Breakfast at 9:30 - Speakers begin at 10:00 - be done by 11:00

You have to be a qualifying member of LHNBC

by attending at least 3 meetings in the past 12 months.

Qualifying Properties Have To Be $1,500,000 and Above,

In Areas 13, 14, 61, 62, 221, 222, 223 and

Currently Listed In FMLS and GaMLS as "Active"

At The Time It Is Scheduled.

(Going "Pending" after scheduling is OK)


Contact the Area Manager of your area to secure the date for the area of your listing and obtain the Area Managers approval of Home, Speaker and Caterer.

See Contacts Page for the Area Managers

Hosting Agent's Responsibilities:

Secure the Date with the Area Manager who has to approve the property. The Property Identification must be done at least 25 days prior to the breakfast to allow plenty of time for preparation. That is ONLY 7 days before the 1st eBlast goes out to give time for graphic designer and installation on website and preparation of eBlast. Dates not reserved with a property identified 21 Days prior to breakfast, will be available to any area.

Send $100 graphic design fee to LHNBC graphic designer specified below to secure his/her services. This fee has to be received by them AT LEAST 24 days PRIOR to breakfast for them to schedule their time to do your project.

Obtain Normal Listing Photos and Copy

Secure A Speaker who has a topic addressing an item of interest to luxury agents

Speaker must provide some Door Prize - Or Host will provide one.

Secure A Sponser to provide the breakfast food (remember - it's breakfast for the agents so make it more than rolls and coffee.) While not the only choice, "Never Enough Thyme" is always a good choice to cater - 678.297.1124. They are familiar with our group and their food is good. Typically the cost is about $35 - $400.

Secure the approval of Area Manager on the Home, speaker, sponser & breakfast menu.

Submit the FMLS #, Area, Address, Subdivision, City, Price, Photos, Copy, Speaker and their topic and breakfast sponser to graphic designer AT LEAST 25 Days prior to breakfast.

Note: The Graphic Designer has to get the files they prepared and approved to Jim Gibson (who does the website and the email blast) 19 days prior to breakfast. The website will be updated to show the next meeting information and the first of 3 email blasts will be done on the 14th day prior to the breakfast. Email #2 will be 7 days prior to breakfast and email #3 will be the day before the breakfast.

This service is not optional

Warning - Files from any other designer will not be accepted!

It doesn't matter if you have these services in your brokerage.

If you are going to hold a breakfast, this is who you will use.

I am not trying to be mean - I just don't want to have to train a new designer each month.

Info to provide to Graphic Designer

1 - Describe the topic of the speaker in 500 characters or less, including spaces.

2 - Provide A Large Photo of Your Listing. This should measure 5.2" x 3.45"

3 - Provide a smaller photo of interest of the property - measuring 2.6" x 1.7"

4 - Provide a second smaller photo of interest of the property - measuring 2.6" x 1.7"

5 - You have 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" for all the pertinent information on your listing. This includes ADDRESS, PRICE AND MLS#. Look at the "Past Meetings" Menu for examples.

6 - Provide your agent information, brokerage phone number(s) and your email to RSVP to.

7 - Provide the Speakers name, title, company and phone number

8 - Provide name of the breakfast sponsor along with their position, company and contact information. The Breakfast Sponsor will get 5 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to speak about their services - i.e. "Please hold for a brief message from our Sponsor."

LHNBC Approved Graphic Designer

---   Tina Jackson - Freelance Graphic Artist -  ---

Her fee is $100 and she is entitled to charge as appropriate for RUSH and Changes

Don't forget ALL graphic designer's dictum:

"A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."